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When a (C)man loves a (G)woman,(Am) can't keep his mind on nothing (C)else
(F)He'd change the (G7)world, for the good things he's (C)found(G)
If she's (C)bad, he can't (G)see it,(Am) she can do no (C)wrong,
(F)Turn his back on his (G7)best friend if he put her (C)down(G)

When a (C)man loves a (G)woman,(Am) spend his very last (C)dime
(F)Trying to hold (G7)on to what he (C)needs(G)
He'd give up (C)all of his (G)comforts,(Am) and sleep out in the (C)rain
(F)If she says that's the (G7)way it ought to (C)be(C7)

(F) Well this man loves you (C)woman(C7)
(F) Give you eve
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rything I (C)can(C7)
(F) Trying to hold on to (C)your (G)high class (Am)love
(D7)Baby,please don't treat me (G)bad(G7)

When a (C)man loves a (G)woman,(Am) deep down in his (C)soul,
(F)She can (G7)bring him such (C)misery(G)
If she (C)plays him for a (G)fool, (Am)he's the last one to (C)know
(F)Loving (G7)eyes can never (C)see(G)

When a (C)man loves a (G)woman,(Am) she can do no (C)wrong,
(F)He can never (G7)look another (C)girl(G)
Yes, when a (C)man loves a (G)woman, (Am) I know exactly how he (C)feels
(F)Cause baby, (G7)baby, you are my (C)girl(G)

When a (C)man loves a (G)woman (Am) . . .

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