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Seven(C)teen, a (G)beauty (C)queen..
(G)she made a (C)ride that (G)caused
a (C)scene in the (Am)town.(D)
Her long blonde (G)hair, 
(G7)hangin' down around her (A7)knees,
(D7)all the cats who dig strip(Em7)tease, 
(G7)prayin' for a little (Am)breeze. (D)
Her long blonde (G7)hair, 
falling down across her (A7)arms. 
(D7)Hiding all the lady's (G)charms..
Hey, hey, (E)hey.(E7)..(A7)Lady God..(D7)i..(G)va.

(G)She found (C)fame and (G)made her (C)name..
A (G)Holly(C)wood di(G)rector (C)came into (Am)town..(D)
and said to (G)her.. (G7)How'd you like to be a (A7)star?
(D7)You're a girl that could go (E
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(G7)especially dressed the way you (Am)are. (D)
She smiled at (G7)him..Gave her pretty head a (A7)shake..
(D7)That was Lady G's mis(G)take..
hey-hey-(E)hey(E7)....(A7)Lady God..(D7)i..(G)va.

(G)He di(C)rects Cer(G)tificate (C)X.
And (G)people (C)now are (G)craning their (C)necks..to see (Am)her.(D)
Cause she's a (G)star..(G7)one that everybody (A7)knows.
(D7)Finished with the striptease (Em7)shows..
(G7)Now she can't afford her (Am)clothes. (D)    
Her long blonde (G7)hair, lyin' on the barber's (A7)floor.
(D7)Doesn't need it (G)long any(E)more.(E7)...
(A7)Lady God..(D7)i..(G)va.


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