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(C) (Em) (Dm) (G)  x2

You (C)talk like Marlene Die(Em)trich 
And you (Dm)dance like Zizi Jean(G)maire 
Your (C)clothes are all made by Bal(Em)main 
And there's dia(Dm)monds and pearls in your (G)hair, yes there are 

You (C)live in a fancy a(Em)partment 
Off the Bou(Dm)levard Saint-Mi(G)chel 
Where you (C)keep your Rolling Stones re(Em)cords 
And a (Dm)friend of Sacha Di(G)stel, yes you do 

But (C)where do you go to my (Em)lovely 
(Dm)When you're alone in your (G)bed 
(C)Tell me the thoughts that sur(Em)round you 
I (Dm)want to look inside your (G)head, yes I do 

I've (C)seen all your qualifi(Em)cations 
You (Dm)got from the Sor(G)bonne 
And the (C)painting you stole from Pi(Em)casso 
Your (Dm)loveliness goes on and (G)on, yes i
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