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(E)When you're alone
And life is (A)making you (B7)lonely,
You can (E)always go (A)down(B7)town
(E)When you've got worries,
All the (A)noise and the (B7)hurry
(E)Seems to help, I know, (A)down(B7)town

Just (E)listen to the music of the (C#m)traffic in the city 
(E)Linger on the sidewalk where the (C#m)neon signs are pretty
(G#m)How can you lose?
(A)The lights are much brighter ther
You can for(B7)get all your troubles, forget all your cares and go

(E)Downtown, (A)things'll be great when you're
(E)Downtown, (A)no finer place for sure,
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Petula Clark - Down Town