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A#/5-/F#=033400	E7sus2= 034400	AM/D= 012000	G2=334000  C-=010000
Asus4= 032000	Dsus4= 332000	Em=354000   Cmaj7=310200

intro: Asus4, D, Asus4, Dsus4

D            A#/5-/F#       E7sus2          Asus4, D, Dsus4
June, Came upon us much too soon     Then was gone
D                       C-         G      Asus4, D, Dsus4
Gone, Like the mountains of the moon     At dawn

     D         Asus4               D
Then the sun came up on a sleepy day 
     C-             C
And never went down at night
And the crowd kept on singin' Waste Away
        Asus4              Em
But it just didn't feel right
    Asus4                                   D
And the prince and the drummer and the fire girls
    C-                         C
Couldn't get our gui
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tars in tune
       G                                             Asus4               Em     Asus4
And I knew it was over when the sound man said  "I wish we were still in June"

D            A#/5-/F#        E7sus2       Asus4, D, Dsus4
June, Telephones in private rooms     Hot bath
D                C-                  G              Asus4,       Em
Bathe, In the smell of the buzz's perfume       Man, I want to go back


  C      Cmaj7
And we knew
                Asus4  D
It couldn't be true
 C      Cmaj7
It wasn't free
It wasn't for me

D       C       G       C       D       C      G2
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Came upon us much too soon
Then was gone


And we knew
It couldn't be true

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