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“Between these walls”   -   Junkie XL ft. Anouk

Bm     x24432
Bm/A   x04432
Bm/G   3x4432
Bm/F#  2x4432
A      x02220
G      320003
F#     244322

         ===>>>stemming: Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb<<<===

Bm			      Bm/A		 
Between these walls I used to live without receiving
Bm/G		      Bm/F#
So much that I had to give between these walls
Bm	   		          Bm/A		         Bm/G
There were a lot of things that I could have done differently
But it ain’t about the way I live, it’s the heart that counts

Bm		  A		    G
Comfort, feed, embrace, love and protect me
Yeah, ain’t that what I’m here for?
Bm		   A	       G	  F#
You said you’d be here for me, no matter what

	     G    A		     Bm  A  G
How come it feels so cold every time you step into this room?
	    A  Bm  A
Why does it feel so cold?
G			Bm
It’s inhuman

Bm		  Bm/A		               Bm/G
In the spring of ’75, that’s when God made a mistake
He took me here, to the wrong side
Bm		       	     Bm/A	           Bm/G	 Bm/F#
I guess you did the best you could, but nev
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