Anouk – Birds -  Sad Singalongs Songs 2012

Verse 1
Bbm      B
Isolated from the outside 
Abm               E
Clouds have taken all the light 
Bbm          B
I have no control it seems my 
Ab       Abm Db     E      Bbm
Thoughts wander off of the time 
When I tried to 
Abm          E         A          
Live life without you 

A                      F       Dm    (G)
Birds falling down the roof  - tops   
A                   Dm     G
Out of the sky like rain - drops 
A       F        Gm G - F
No air, no pride   
Verse 2
   Bbm                    B
If being myself is what I do wrong 
     Abm            E      
Then I would rather not be right 
Bbm            B         Ab     Abm
Hopes turne
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