C#m                       Esus2
Well you know I've got this problem'
               C#m                 Esus2
Cause there is you
          C#m                                  Esus2
No matter how I try to tell you you just can't see 
                   C#m           F#m   / / / / / / / / 
Oh no, I won't get through 
A                       Esus2     C#m
You've got a body and a brain___________

Esus2               C#m
         Instead of pointing to another
  _ \ __ ___      _| | _Esus2               C#m
     Take a look at yourself__
Esus2               C#m
          Why don't you just use that thing inside___
Esus2                         C#m   / / / / / /
your head  And try to tell me why_

You've got a body and a brain 
A                               Esus2
You're free to speak, could you explain 
The reason for your narrow mind  You're thinking medieval times 
A                            C#m
Your ignorance just gets you scared 
Of everything and I don't know which way the wind is blowing 
A                              Esus2            C#m
Hoping it will blow your fears away 

Riff1a C#m

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