Em7:   022033
G/F#:  200033
G:     320033
Cadd9: X32033
D:     XX0232

Use this strumming pattern to match Ed's:


The R stands for the root note (the lowest note in the chord) and the x's are the 
notes that follow it.
It follows that pattern for the whole song: 'Root, G string, B string, G string'. 

Intro: Em7 G/F# G Cadd9

Em7     G/F#         G 
Another day, another life 
       Cadd9        Em7
Passes by just like mine 
         G/F#        G     Cadd9
It's not complicated 

Em7     G/F#          G
Another mind, another soul 
        Cadd9        Em7
Another body to grow old 
         G/F#        G     Cadd9
It's not complicated 

Cadd9                     D
Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you? 

G     G/F#
Float down
Em7  Cadd9 
Like autumn leaves 
G    G/F#
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