Intro: G B7 Em Cadd9 x2


G         B7        Em            Cadd9   
Happy days, that left us on the floor,
G             B7
And you breathe me
      Em                Cadd9
Until you’re not feeling sure.
Everything will brighten up,
B7                         Em                 Cadd9
If we got to Brighton I’ll take you along the pier.
Everything will lighten up,
B7                            Em            Cadd9
If you feel too frightened I’ll make it disappear,


Am7     C            G
Darling don’t be nervous
I’ll understand if you let me go.
Am7     C                    G
I did this on purpose now,
When I’m missing you.

Em7                   Cadd9                    G
I’ll stop eating food and I’ll squeeze into a dress,
So I can be like you
And then I’ll see your bitterness
                        Cadd9                     G
And while you’re leaving to, maybe I’ll put you to a test and say that,
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