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Ilse DeLange - Just like the moon

Capo on 1st fret 
[C]               [F]             [G] 
I sat outside one afternoon in an old lawn chair 

[C]                        [F]             [G] 
and I watched the sun set off for business west somewhere 

          [Am]            [F]            [C]     [G] 
While the sky turned watercolor pink and gold en blue 

         [Am]               [F]               [C]            [G] 
and the stars all showed up one by one and we waited for the moon 

        [Am]                     [F]     [C]                 [F] 
and I thought 'bout you and I wondered why it took so long to say goodbye 

      [C]                 [F]          [C]       [F] 
You shined so bright you blinded me and left so I couldn't see. 


        [C]   [F]          [G] 
I was the moon chasing the sun 

          [C]           [Dm]                 [F]   [G] 
there was never a prayer of ever ca
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