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Love wont hide away by Ilse de Lange

Intro :
[ Am  | % | Em | % ]

Verse 1 :
Sweet touch of citrus skin

I watch you peeling mandarins
As gently as the day begins

I cover up the shade we're in
And I retrace what brought us here

Cigarettes and cheap dead beer
The fresh air in that atmosphere

We talk but never hear
Guess I don't know you at all, All I know is

Chorus :
C          G     F
Love won't hide away, If it's right 
  C          G      F
I know we'll find a way, darling stay
    Am                G  
But if you think that you must leave
     C                  F
It's not a thought that worries me
       C          G     F
‘Cause love don't hide away
Love don't hide away

Verse 2 :
We're like flowers in the grass
Without the rain we cannot last
Clouds bring dark but they will pass
We're just storming in a glass
That's chipped and cracked and bound to break
And when it does, it's still ok
‘Cause we could use the 
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