D  G  A  Bm  D  G  A   (X 2)

             D       G
We felt the earth shake
A         Bm
Under California
D            G       A
All the way down to Tokyo

             D    G
There is a fault line
A                    Bm
Running through that old heart
D              G         A
We watch the stars, but toe the line

            D    G
And on the old hill
          A             Bm
They are packing down a circus
D       G       A
Every place we used to play

          D  G
The underco-ver
     A        Bm
The secret operators
D          G       A             
Remember what you used to say

As a child 
I can feel the force
G             A
Inside everything

I drop my head
I keep the course
       F#      G   A  (intro)x2
Cause nobody knows a thing

            D   G
Woke up in old Rome
A          Bm
By the Coliseum
D      G 
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