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Hier het nieuwste nummer van Chef'Special : 'Try Again'.

Lekker zomers popliedje en erg leuk om te spelen :D
Als gevorderde gitarist zou je her en der wat funky single note motiefjes kunnen spelen.

Wil je dit liedje liever met Capo spelen? Zet dan de capo op de 1e positie.
Je moet de akkoorden dan zelf even omzetten. Ik heb ze hier vast voor je omgerekend:

Gb = F
Ab = G
Bbm= Am
Db = C
Ebm = Dm

Have fun!

Looking down with your toes pressed to the edge
with the sound of your heart beating angry in your chest
I love the way you leap before you look so many times
you were jumping of the cliff with your eyes closed flying blind

oh by now we broke our bones and spirits more than twice
and I see you’re so close to lose that sparkle in your eyes
there’s a million voices fighting in your head but you don’t have to listen
and they can break it all down baby but you don
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