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Dit stuk is speciaal geschreven voor de finger picker. Let op de strummings tussendoor! De Capo moet op positie V.

Come home early after class
Don't be hanging 'round the back of the schoolyard
I've been called up by a teacher
She says she can't even reach you 'cause you're so far
You've been talking with your fist
We didn't raise you up like this, now did we
There have been changes in this house
Things that you don't know about in this family
It don't make sense, but nevertheless
You gotta believe us, it's all for the best
It don't make sense
The way things go
Son you should know
Sometimes moms and dads fall out of love
Sometimes two homes are better than one
Some things you can't tell your sister 'cause she's still too young
Yeah you'll understand
When you love someone
There ain't no one here to blame
Nothing's going to change with your ol
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JanH 2017-03-02

Wat een heerlijk (gevoelig) nummer! Zie hier overigens zijn website > James TW

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