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Hee gitarist,

hier het lekkere nieuwe nummer van Jason Derulo.

Denk bij het spelen van de noten aan de wisselslag. De slag is eigenlijk constant: Neer, Op, Neer en dat herhalend.

veel speelplezier!

[Verse 1]
Who are you to say, that I didn't love you?
'Cause I didn't love the way you wanted
And who am I to blame?
When I didn't trust you enough to let you in the way I wanted
Stop, okay

Vodka on my lips
Took too many drinks
Makes me reminisce all the way down
To my happy place, you're my happy place
I can't handle us now

If I'm lucky I'll meet ya, flipside of the graveyard
'Cause things didn't work out in this life, but someday
If I'm lucky, I'll meet ya, heaven or high water
'Cause things di
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