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Bij dit nummer is de lead partij zonder capo uitgeschreven en de slagpartij met Capo op 1. Let op de breaks en speel de slagpartij met Downstrokes (e.v.t. palm mute). De solo behoud zijn moeilijkheidsgraad door de timing. 


Can’t sit around holding up my guard
Let it all go
Let it all go around
Go in and face the inevitable

Can’t figure out how to play my part
Where do I go?
How do I go around
Go in and make it inhabitable

Now let it all in

Cover up the arm that holds the weight
Raging on too long and all will stay

I let it throw me off my feet
I let it put me on my knees
What do I know
I ought to grow
But do I ever?

Can’t sit around hiding all my scars
Let them all show
Let them all know about
Go in and embrace the inevitable

Now let it all in

Cover up the arm that holds the weight 
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