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Top 100 Tabs

Datum Artiest Song Soort
2016-10-25 Snow Patrol Chocolate CRD
2016-10-17 Smashing Pumpkins 1979 CRD
2016-03-31 I Am Oak Woandering CRD
2016-03-31 Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase CRD
2016-03-21 Dayna Kurtz Love Gets In The Way CRD
2016-03-14 Manic Street Preachers A Design For Life TAB
2016-03-08 Turin Brakes Rome CRD
2016-02-20 Dream Theater The Answer CRD
2016-02-06 Turin Brakes Painkiller (Summer Rain) CRD
2016-02-06 Turin Brakes Long Distance CRD
2016-01-30 Frank Boeijen Lieveling CRD
2016-01-30 Frank Boeijen Is De Hemel Ver CRD
2015-11-20 EL VY Return To The Moon CRD
2015-10-31 City To City The Road Ahead (Miles Of The Unknown) CRD
2015-10-25 Faith No More Easy CRD
2015-10-24 No Doubt Don't Speak CRD
2015-10-24 Fluitsma & Van Tijn 15 Miljoen Mensen CRD
2015-10-08 Saybia Airplanes And Submarines CRD
2015-10-03 Low Lies CRD
2015-08-15 Het Zesde Metaal Dag Zonder Schoenen CRD
2014-12-28 Pink Floyd Louder Than Words TAB
2014-11-22 Bear's Den Agape CRD
2014-11-22 Bear's Den Elysium CRD
2014-10-26 Yevgueni Het Is Niet Veel CRD
2014-10-26 Yevgueni Van Hierboven CRD
2014-10-25 Yevgueni Mensen Zijn Maar Mensen CRD
2014-10-01 Joan Osborne One Of Us (easy) CRD
2014-09-11 Grant Nicholas Vampires CRD
2014-09-10 Luka Bloom The Ride CRD
2014-07-30 Jack Johnson Sitting, Waiting, Wishing CRD
2014-07-23 Adam Levine Lost Stars CRD
2014-01-25 Van Dik Hout Spijt Slaapt Nooit CRD
2014-01-17 Van Dik Hout Iemand Die Me Op Komt Halen CRD
2014-01-15 Van Dik Hout Wrakhout CRD
2014-01-04 Turin Brakes Time And Money CRD
2014-01-04 Oasis Married With Children CRD
2013-12-30 Lou Reed Goodnight Ladies CRD
2013-12-29 Midlake The Old And The Young CRD
2013-12-26 Adam Cohen What Other Guy CRD
2013-12-25 Smashing Pumpkins Today CRD
2013-12-24 Glen Hansard Drive All Night CRD
2013-12-16 Belle And Sebastian I Want The World To Stop CRD
2013-12-16 Belle And Sebastian Funny Little Frog CRD
2013-12-16 Belle And Sebastian The Blues Are Still Blue CRD
2013-12-15 Belle And Sebastian I Didn't See It Coming (Richard X Mix) CRD
2013-12-14 Belle And Sebastian The Ghost Of Rockschool CRD
2013-12-08 U2 Ordinary Love CRD
2013-12-07 Belle And Sebastian Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire CRD
2013-12-07 Belle And Sebastian Meat And Potatoes CRD
2013-12-07 Eels My Timing Is Off CRD
2013-12-07 Eels Wonderful, Glorious CRD
2013-11-21 Radiohead No Surprises CRD
2013-11-21 Michael Prins For You CRD
2013-11-18 Keane Higher Than The Sun CRD
2013-11-05 Jamie Cullem Get A Hold Of Yourself CRD
2013-11-03 Jamie Cullem Everything You Didn't Do CRD
2013-10-25 Manic Street Preachers (feat. Richard Hawley) Rewind The Film TAB
2013-10-25 Travis Where You Stand CRD
2013-09-14 Monsters Of Folk Ahead Of The Curve CRD
2013-03-12 Jose James Come To My Door CRD
2012-09-29 Alanis Morissette Spiral CRD
2012-09-29 The Walkmen Song For Leigh CRD
2012-09-29 Muse Follow Me CRD
2011-11-13 Spinvis Tot Ziens, Justine Keller CRD
2011-11-09 Blof Radio Berlijn CRD
2011-11-09 Blof Meer Kan Het Niet Zijn CRD
2011-10-11 Steve Earle Lonely Are The Free CRD
2011-10-11 Ane Brun Words CRD
2011-09-10 Dream Theater Beneath The Surface CRD
2011-09-10 The Kooks How'd You Like That CRD
2011-08-26 The Decemberists Bridges And Balloons CRD
2011-08-26 Beirut The Riptide CRD
2011-08-26 Beirut Elephant Gun CRD
2011-08-16 Yevgueni Veel Te Mooie Dag CRD
2011-07-10 The Horrors Still Life CRD
2011-06-06 Blof Beter CRD
2011-06-04 Van Dik Hout Zo Ontzettend Waar CRD
2011-02-18 Amos Lee El Camino CRD
2011-02-10 Adele Lovesong CRD
2011-01-14 Dewolff Higher Than The Sun CRD
2011-01-03 The Autumn Defense The Swallows Of London Town CRD
2010-12-27 The Autumn Defense Huntington Fair CRD
2010-12-24 The Autumn Defense Allow Me CRD
2010-12-24 The Autumn Defense Back Of My Mind CRD
2010-12-12 Ane Brun (feat. Sivert Hoyem) Lift Me CRD
2010-12-10 Anneke Van Giersbergen En Agua De Annique Shrink TAB
2010-12-10 Silverchair Suicidal Dream TAB
2010-11-20 Ozark Henry Out Of This World CRD
2010-11-20 Ozark Henry No Hands CRD
2010-11-06 Turin Brakes Will Power CRD
2010-11-06 Ozark Henry This One's For You CRD
2010-11-06 Manic Street Preachers All We Make Is Entertainment CRD
2010-10-10 Sufjan Stevens Vesuvius CRD
2010-10-01 Skunk Anansie You Saved Me CRD
2010-10-01 Skunk Anansie Feeling The Itch CRD
2010-10-01 The National Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks CRD
2010-08-15 Yevgueni Als Ze Lacht CRD
2010-07-29 Bush Glycerine CRD
2010-07-18 Yevgueni Oudstrijder CRD
2010-07-09 Yevgueni Marcel CRD

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